Alessandra, 17 years old, Rome.

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somuchcolder: Name five facts about yourself and send it to your ten favourite followers.

Wow, thank you so much darling! 😘

1) I love scratching book with my nails and with my pens
2) My taste for food is very unusual: for example, I do not like ice cream and fizzy drinks, such as Coca Cola
3) In the morning I can not have breakfast because I have nausea
4) I read books very quickly, I need just one day to read a 600-page book, just saying
5) I am very suggestible, if you tell me you’re cold, even if it’s summer and it’s hot, I will begin to be cold

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smileand-carryon: Grazie mille:) È veramente stupendo il tuo blog, complimenti :)

Grazie, grazie davvero. ♥

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